Growing lavender

I love growing things, but I don’t like growing them in pots. I feel like the plant is missing out. Instead of being able to reach its roots down into the earth and feel what I imagine would be a connection to the planet and everything in its immediate surroundings, it’s bound by the pot that it’s in.

On a more practical side, I also tend to forget to water the plants and so the poor things end up neglected, and thus do not thrive.

That said, I do still grow some things in pots (not trees). The house we live in is a rental, so I have limited options, and if a pot is going to help me get my garden fix, then it’s going to have to do.

I had a lavender plant for many years surviving in a pot. Although I do rent, I decided I’d plant it in the garden (even though it meant that when we leave it will remain here). While somewhat stunted in the pot, it has truly blossomed, and is now huge! Ever since I planted it well over a year ago, it has been in full flower.

After that success, I ended up buying and planting about ten more lavender plants in the gardens here. There are four of five different kinds. One has the most gorgeous dark violet flower – the darkest lavender I have ever seen. It unfortunately got squashed by my cat lying on it, and so is still very small.

Another one (in the photo above) has a pretty flower that is almost fuschia.

I’m always trying to attract bees to my garden, and lavender has proven to be one of the most successful ways of doing this!

Sometime in the future, I will definitely take some cuttings with the intention of growing new plants from them. That way, these ones can stay in the gardens here, and I can take a piece of them with me.


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