What to feed a hen that won’t eat layer pellets

I am still working on the answer to this question.

Doreen and Bertie both refuse to eat layer pellets. I’ve tried different brands and different sized pellets, yet they still refuse to eat it. Secretly, I’m happy that they won’t because in all honesty I have no idea where the food has come from and how it has been processed and whether there are any GMOs in it.

My main concern with this is that they won’t be getting the right balance of food for their little bodies. More so for Bertie who lays every day or two. Doreen gave up on that a long time ago.

It also doesn’t help that I have a fussy hen. Who knew? Apparently chickens will eat anything. That saying does not apply to Doreen.

So, until I get further advice from my vet, this is what they get for breakie:
– some delicious rockmelon (Doreen’s absolute favourite)
– seeds: sesame, pepitas, sunflower, flax, chia
– rolled oats
– blueberries (not too many otherwise they’ll get the runs – learnt that the hard way)
– sometimes some cucumber
– shell grit (important for calcium)

I often add extra things to try and find foods they’ll eat. Sometimes I get lucky. Most of the time I do not.

I tried sprouting my own lentils, which apparently some chickens go nuts over. The sprouting was actually really easy, however the chickens didn’t eat any of it. I unfortunately threw a fair few on the lawn, and now have lentil seedlings scattered throughout the grass.

While not specifically for breakfast, they do get sardines and tuna quite frequently. Sardines are great for vitamin A (advice from my vet), and they’re both a good dose of protein.

Oh such fussy hens!


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