My chicken has spurs

Bertie has grown some wicked spurs on the back of her legs. I will admit that when they first started to show, I was concerned. Mostly that she might have actually been a he.

I have no problem with roosters, and would happily have one, however the laws here don’t allow it (in suburban backyards). My concern was that if she was a rooster and started crowing, the neighbours would complain and I’d be forced to give her up.

Bertie is definitely female, so that will not be a problem – she just also happens to have some pretty awesome spurs on the back of her legs. I’ve since learnt this is quite common with some breeds of chicken.

I am considering having them removed though, or at least filed back. She walks a little awkwardly, with one foot directly in front of the other (she’s done this since she joined our little flock). Now that the spurs are almost an inch long, it’s affecting the way she walks.

She tends to lift one leg right up, before moving forward and I think it’s because the spur is in the way. I’m concerned that in the long run it may cause problems with her feet or legs.

I’ll be taking both her and Doreen to the vet soon, so I’ll see what they say and go from there.


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