A fine day to moult

When I first got chickens, I did a lot of googling and read a lot of different blogs about looking after hens (I still do this). One thing I learnt but didn’t really understand until I experienced it first hand, was the moulting of feathers.

For some reason, it never occured to me that there’d be feathers everywhere. When I say everywhere, I really mean literally everywhere! I have found feathers in my bed, in my lunch, in my car… they end up in the most random places because there are just so many of them. It looks like a hen has been devoured and all that is left are the feathers – there are that many.

It’s currently the middle of winter here, and Bertie is experiencing her first ever moult. It’s not a harsh moult (ie she doesn’t have huge bald patches), however she is somewhat scraggy looking.

You can see the pin feathers around her face and wattle in the above photo. I find it really cool, and love seeing all the pin feathers when there are a lot.

Doreen will have her third moult later this year. She tends to moult sometime in summer.

I am yet to see them experience what is considered to be a bad moult. I imagine that will be a site to see!


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